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The Gotchiverse REALM is an action role playing game being developed by Pixelcraft Studios and running on the Ethereum-compatible Polygon blockchain. The game mixes elements of real-time strategy and sandbox farming with playable NFTs to deliver what has been described as an entirely new game genre: 'DeFi MMORPG'. In The Gotchiverse, players are able to farm completely new ERC20 tokens, craft exclusive NFTs, organize into guilds, explore the sprawling world and much more.
The Gotchiverse REALM litepaper was published in June of this year and is an enjoyable read. The Aavegotchi Wiki and Aavegotchi Medium are also great resources.
Each REALM parcel is its own ERC721 NFT that represents a specific land plot in The Gotchiverse. Players can farm Alchemica directly from each parcel and equip “Installation” NFTs on top of the parcels for more farming, defense and social structures.

There are 3 main sizes of REALM parcels: humble (8x8); reasonably-sized (16x16); and spacious (32x64). In addition, a total of only 69 “Paartner Parcels” (64x64) also exist. Paartner Parcels are reserved for special experiences developed in tandem with partnering teams and not available in the auction.

  • Size: 8x8
  • 40% of all parcels
  • Contains smol deposits of Alchemica and building space
  • Size: 16x16
  • 40% of all parcels
  • Contains reasonable deposits of Alchemica and building space
  • Size: 32x64
  • 20% of all parcels
  • Contains huge deposits of Alchemica and building space

420,069 REALM are scheduled to be minted over the entire game’s lifecycle. This is designed to play out in three distinct acts over five years.

ACT I Q4 2021 - Q2 2024
155,069 REALM
Act I includes all the entirety of the gameplay map revealed to date. That map shows two distinct zones, The Citaadel and everything else is The Grid. The Citaadel is made of a total 55,014 REALM and The Grid has the remaining 100,055 REALM.

That means only 155,069 REALM can be minted until ACT II begins in 2024. Notably, this also puts a hard cap on the amount of Alchemica available to be farmed through the first few years.

ACT II Q2 2024 - 2025
Think of it as a sequel with REALM and Alchemica tokenomics already allocated for.

ACT III 2026
The final allotment of REALM and Alchemica will only be available when the world is ready for the final act!

No, there is no presale of REALM parcels. Auction #1 is the very first distribution of REALM.

Yes! In an effort to achieve as fair a distribution as possible, an additional 4,000 REALM will be raffled to GHST stakers in the week following Auction #1, bringing the total of the first distribution to a total 20,000 REALM.

Use Aavegotchi Drop Tickets to participate in the raffle and good luck!

The second and third auction/raffles are scheduled before the end of year with similar rates but in different locations of The Citaadel. *NOTE: the original litepaper suggested parcels from The Grid would be available in Auction 2 and 3. That is NOT the case. It makes more sense to focus on the Citaadel and all of its variety of opportunities before revealing The Grid.

There are no minimum bids and there are no fixed prices. Price discovery happens on the open market with most secondary trading happening at the Aavegotchi Baazaar NFT Marketplace. To explore: visit click 'Play' and then choose 'Baazaar'.

Gotchus Alchemica is the collective name of the four new ERC20 tokens that are farmed by playing The Gotchiverse (FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, KEK).These four new tokens make up the core materials of The Gotchiverse. Various mixes of the four are required to craft all sorts of NFTs exclusive to gameplay and aesthetics alike. Whether you need to mint a new Installation for your parcel or craft a rare collectible NFT, you’ll be inputting a concoction of Alchemica to produce it.

The exact amount of Alchemica inside any given parcel will only be revealed once the game goes live. At that time, you will be able to engage “The Aaltar” and the Chainlink VRF (random number generator) will determine your parcel’s balances at that time. The Chainlink VRF takes a number of inputs into consideration. The size of a parcel will determine the floor and ceiling of what is possible for any given parcel’s Alchemica deposits. Your “roll of the dice” will fall somewhere on the spectrum within those limits for each of the four Alchemica. You will never receive zero allotment of any Alchemica. The auction dashboard also highlights each parcel’s “Alchemica Boosts”. This is important, because each boost represents a guaranteed “serving” of that particular token, in effect raising your parcel’s potential floor amount. These boosts will be allocated to your parcel regardless and in addition to whatever the Chainlink VRF delivers to your parcel once the game begins.

Alchemica boosts are determined by each parcel’s proximity to natural deposits of FOMO, FUD, ALPHA, and KEK around the game’s surface area.

For example, if your parcel is next to or adjacent to a red river of FOMO, you will be receiving a FOMO boost. This guarantees a base amount of FOMO will be available for your parcel in addition to whatever amounts Chainlink VRF determines.


The first auction takes place completely within The Citaadel with all available parcels populating the West/Northwest area.

The Citaadel offers the safest farming destination in all of the Gotchiverse. No menacing Lickquidators are allowed and Aavegotchis are able to farm and play in peace! Everyone in the Gotchiverse knows the Citaadel is primo real estate.


The only prerequisite is a nice bag of GHST tokens on Polygon Network.


REALM Land Parcel Auction #1 will feature 16,000 parcels within the Citaadel, the stronkhold of Aavegotchis within the Gotchiverse.

Each Parcel will be its own independent Auction, with no set minimum or maximum price. This updated table ( Timeline V1.1) shows the roadmap for major events:

Q3 2021REALM Presale #1Citaadel Parcels
Q3 2021REALM Presale #2Citaadel Parcels
Q4 2021REALM Presale #3Citaadel Parcels
Q4 2021REALM Citaadel goes live
Q1 2022REALM Public Sale #1Citaadel + Grid
Q1 2022REALM Grid goes live
Q1 2022Liquidators arrive
Q2 2022First Great Battle
Q2 2022REALM Public Sale #2Citaadel + Grid
Q3 2022Second Great Battle
Q3 2022Third Great Battle
Q3 2021REALM Presale #1Citaadel Parcels

This table illustrates the roadmap for distributing all REALM inside of The Citaadel.

Act 1: Citaadel (55,000 REALM)

Parcel TypeREALM QuantityNotes
Presale 120,000
Presale 210,000
Presale 35,000
Public Sale20,000Sold over several rounds

REALM parcels on The Grid will be released only after The Citaadel has gone live. More details on their release schedule will be announced near the end of year. The total supply of REALM parcels on The Grid is confirmed to have a total 100,055 REALM parcels.

Each parcel enjoys its own unique arrangement of three words for an address. Instead of a boring string of numbers, your REALM parcel is very easy to remember and search for. Type any address word in the search box to filter specifically for parcels that have the word or words you’re looking for.
No. This is thanks to a feature called hammer time. Any auction that has a new top bid entered in the final 20 minutes will see a 20 minute extension added to the auction’s length, known as hammer time. This prevents any last minute swoops and bots hate it too. Everyone has an opportunity to give a final bid. There is no limit on hammer time, so it’s entirely possible a bidding war can lead to hours of back and forth top bids before the final auctions conclude.
  • The gotchiverse introduces 4 new tokens (FOMO, FUD, ALPHA and KEK) collectively known as Alchemica. Alchemica can ONLY be minted by parcel owners.
  • You can rent your farmland to other players and split the farmed Alchemica earned.
  • You can use those Alchemica to craft all sorts of exclusive NFTs.
  • You may have an opportunity to sell your parcel to guilds and expanding “estates” that want to acquire your parcel.

All of these actions can be taken regardless of owning an Aavegotchi. Finally, you can always flip your parcels on any open market as well. These are ERC721 NFTs after all!

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